pypet2bids package


pypet2bids.ecat_cli module

pypet2bids.dcm2niix4pet module

pypet2bids.ecat module

pypet2bids.ecat2nii module

pypet2bids.helper_functions module

pypet2bids.read_ecat module

pypet2bids.sidecar module

This is a lazy way to avoid opening a json, simply import this file to collect your BIDS sidecar templates instead. This is not a function or a true module. It’s just two python dictionaries with keys and empty value pairs.

param sidecar_template_full

a dictionary containing every field specified in the BIDS standard for PET imaging data

param sidecar_template_short

a dictionary containing only the required fields in the BIDS standard for PET imaging data


sidecar_template_full, sidecar_template_short

|Anthony Galassi |Copyright OpenNeuroPET team

pypet2bids.convert_pmod_to_blood module

pypet2bids.multiple_spreadsheets module

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